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Clazziquai - Part Time Lover
(클래지콰이 - Part Time Lover)
Elina - The Minstrel Boy
(Elina - The Minstrel Boy)
Every Single Day - Lucky Day
(Every Single Day - Lucky Day)
Jung Ah (After School) - You're Cute
(김정아 (After School) - 귀여운 넌)
Kim Dong Hee - Little Lie
(Kim Dong Hee - 작은 거짓말)
Kyu Hyun of Super Junior - Listening to You
(규현 of 슈퍼주니어 - 듣죠... 그대를)
M To M - I'm Going
(엠투엠 - 갑니다)
Pasta - Fate
(Pasta - Fate)
Girls' Generation - Forever
(Girls' Generation - Forever)
Various Artists - Pasta Intro
(Various Artists - Pasta Intro)
Every Single Day - NaNaNa
(Every Single Day - NaNaNa)
Every Single Day - Tick Tock
(Every Single Day - Tick Tock)
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